About Us

The Company

U-Tel Network Solution Ltd is an indigenous company in Nigeria established in 2009 with the aim of providing Information/Telecommunication solution.

Technology is an important factor of production that should serve your business, not overtake it.

Success in today’s competitive small business environment dictates that you capitalize on your core competency while leaving support tasks to specialists. This strategy is particularly relevant when applied to business communication and information technology. At no other time in history has the pace of technological change been so rapid. Simply keeping abreast of the advances is a full-time job.

At U-Tel Network Solution, we understand these issues and offer solutions to large and small enterprises alike. We are a rapidly growing communication and information systems services provider whose purpose is to apply the most effective technological solutions to your business. Our approach is to develop a working partnership. We work side-by-side with you to determine your needs and goals.

We at U-Tel Network Solution Limited  maintain the utmost standard in project implementation.  We have implemented vast range of ICT solution which includes Computer Network Structural Cabling and configurations, Electrical Power Installation, Fiber Optic Laying and splicing, Access Control System, CCTV Systems, Fire Alarm and Burglar System, Voice Solution, Hotel Management System, ISP services and many many other ICT related services for our clients. 

Our Mission

To provide excellent and quality ICT services

Our Vision

To be leader in ICT services world